Did you finally get used to the Disability Access Service cards (also known as DAS cards) that are currently being used at the Walt Disney World Resort?
If that is the case, just keep in mind that we have been informed by inside sources that the DAS cards will soon no longer be used at the Walt Disney World theme parks, as these will be replaced by an electronic version of the Disability Access Service that will be linked to the tickets/MagicBands.

While additional information about this change are extremely scarce at the moment, we have been told that Cast Members working at various locations around the Walt Disney World Resort are in the process of learning how to use this new system, which aims to simplify the process Guests have to go through.

As you know, the current FastPass+ system is constantly aware of the current wait time of the ride/attractions; therefore, we expect to have the FastPass+ system itself directly assign a return time to Guests with disabilities based on the current wait time of the attraction (i.e. if the ride's wait time is 50 minutes, the system will assign Guests a return time that is 40 minutes in the future).

That sounds interesting, no doubt. That said, where will Guests with disabilities be able to get a return time? Going to FastPass+ kiosks just to get a return time is definitely not feasible.

On the other hand, going to the touch points at the entrance of each ride/attraction is easy, even though this would not make the situation any better for more popular attractions such as Big Thunder Mountain (which constantly has a line to just enter the FastPass+ line). Of course, Guests might soon also be able to get a return time using the My Disney Experience app, effectively transforming the Disability Access System in a revolving FastPass+ reservation.

What do you think? If you are among the Guests using the DAS card, would you welcome this change?

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This sounds like it is going to work more like the DAS at Disneyland, Ca. At Disneyland they have 10 places (5 in each park) where you can go and get return times. I person takes everybody's tickets and tells them what ride they want to ride next. They they all go to the ride after the return time rolls around. The return time does not expire and you can only have one DAS return time at a time. You can also use the normal FP return times. Here is my blog post about the DLR DAS if it helps.


Anonymous said...

What if you don't like bring your phone into the park? My phone is large, and I prefer not to carry it around with me in the theme parks. It also saves me worry about someone stealing it or it getting wet. The paper system worked well for us this past March.

@Anonymous: be aware that anything other than the fact that changes are coming is just a rumor. The DAS cards are being replaced, but the way they will handle the new system is still unknown.

Rumors do nothing but spread anxiety and apprehension. Don't special needs families have enough to worry about without blogs posting potentially volatile and upsetting rumors as news?

Anonymous said...

They already to this at Disneyland so I do not see it as being a big issue at WDW. Personally I like the idea, I am always forgetting the card the the pocket of my shorts from the day before and have to wait in line to get a new one issued for my son. As long as they add more kiosks then it will be easier than going to the ride to get the return time. Especially if you have a child that does not understand going to the ride just to come back later. No need to get upset.

@Kathleen: We are very sorry to hear that you didn't appreciate our post. That said, we are just trying to prepare people that are thinking about coming to visit the Walt Disney World Resort by sharing some interesting information that we find out through our sources. While most of the details are still not available, the DAS Cards WILL be replaced, that's not a rumor.

Anonymous said...

I have called disney to see if they had a date for this or more information.

They said they had no idea what I was talking about and even checked with a supervisor, who also knew nothing.

We have 3 special needs kids and use them on 2 rides each. We just need the information so we can be prepared.

@Anonymous: Unfortunately, calling them will to be very useful at this time, as they will not confirm these changes. They will do so only after these updates will be officially implemented. We will have to wait a few more weeks. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

Asking Disney employees about unconfirmed changes will always get the "we don't know what you're talking about" response, even if the new policy is being implemented the next day, the next hour, the next minute. That is a trained response and they could lose their jobs for giving any other one.

Anonymous said...

When I had my card made they only made it through the end of April and said there are changes that will be happening around then.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen Kelly, have you apologized yet for your unprovoked attack on this site? The new electronic DAS started yesterday at WDW.

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