Animal Kingdom Update: Africa Keeps Growing (PART 1)

Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park is growing. After having been neglected for years, the park is finally starting to receive a lot of much-needed love that will ultimately help in transforming this half-day park into a full-day experience that will engage all of our senses. New restaurants  and dining locations (many) and attractions (still too few) are scheduled to open in the next two-to-three years. lets take a look around and check on the progress that has been done so far.

First of all, work continues to be done in the parking lot of the park:

Cranes being used in the future AVATAR-themed land can still be seen from outside the park:

Before entering the park, Guests can see a beautiful sand sculpture advertising the new Monkey Kingdom movie, which will soon debut in theaters around the United States:

Entering the park:

Discovery Island is still filled with temporary walls:

The area next to Disney Outfitters:

The expanded hub:

Some animals are still missing:

The Flame Tree Barbecue restaurant continues to be closed for refurbishment:

A section of the restaurant's outdoor seating area is still open to Guests:

Expanding another store:

Work also continues near Pizzafari On the other side of Discovery island:

A peek behind the walls reveals that they are still working on the pathway:

A small area near the future Starbucks location is behind walls:

Time to explore Africa:

Busy day:

Wait times are not too bad during the afternoon, though:

The new Harambe Marketplace continues to slowly take shape:

A closer view of this new area:

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