Walt Disney World Hotels: Guest Laundry Facilities Update

All Guest laundry facilities found at Walt Disney World Resort hotels, Disneyland Resort hotels, Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, and Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort are currently in the process of being upgraded to new self-reporting high-efficiency machines that will be much more efficient than before.
In addition, new payment options will also be available for Guests. Continue to read to learn more details about these much-needed upgrades:

All Guest laundry facilities at impacted sites will be upgraded to include new self-reporting high efficiency TurboWash machines that will allow for:
  • Quicker cycles, ultimately reducing overall wash times and water consumption
  • Flexible wash options
  • Large capacity for bulky items
  • Reduced service cost and minimal downtime due to self-diagnostic features
  • Enhanced features including the LaundryView option that allows Guests to view machine availability and receive text message notifications when cycle is complete (to use this feature, Guests can scan the UR code or enter www.laundryview.com/disneyworld into their phone browser and click on a location to view the status of each laundry machine and how much time is remaining on each cycle. To receive text messages when the cycle is complete, Guests can click “Options” to enter a phone number).
Guests will now have the option to pay with credit/debit cards (or coins at select locations only.)

Credit/debit card locations
Guests will have the option to pay with credit/debit cards at all Guest laundry facilities. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and debit cards will all be accepted at pay station kiosk machines located inside each Guest laundry facility.

Locations with credit/debit card options will also have a card-dispensing system in a backstage area. If a Guest does not wish to pay with a debit/credit card, Cast Members can use the system to provide the Guest with a temporary card with added value (cost to the Guest) that will enable the machine.

DVC Resorts: As always, Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Members will not be charged for machine usage per load. Members will only be charged for soap purchases. Soap dispensers at all DVC Resorts and Disneyland Resort hotels will only accept credit/debit cards.

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  1. Kind of a gimmick, the status update piece, but will be helpful for many who just can't seem to RELAX while they're on vacation.


    As for using credit/debit cards: anytime I've tried to do that with any vending machine on Disney property, the machine can never get a signal/make a connection, and I either walk away empty handed or have to use cash.


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