Guests looking forward to their Walt Disney World vacation this summer should note that the popular Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Magic Kingdom Park will be closed for planned maintenance from Monday, May 11 through Saturday, September 25, 2015 (dates subject to change without notice).
As many already know, the ride has been plagued by many issues in the past few years. Most of them are expected to be rectified during this major project.

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Jessica said...

What are all the issues with the ride? I know the fog effect with projection hasn't been working and I heard water is collecting on the boats. What are the other issues?

I will be able to ride it the last couple days before it closes and I want to see if I notice anything else as I rode it in the fall and I didn't notice anything other than the fog projection not working.

Anonymous said...

The fog projection was working last week when we were on it. I didn't notice anything either. What are the other problems "plaguing" it?

Jason said...

They've had issues with the ride system itself. They wouldn't close it because of just fog projection problems. There's no perfect time to take a classic ride like this down for 4 months, but I'm just glad they're addressing the issues (whatever they all are) so it won't be down so often (multiple times a day sometimes).

Anonymous said...

As an ex Cast Member who worked in Adventureland, Pirates was plagued with far too many problems. It was not an unusual occurrence for Pirates to have a ride evacuation, or for an auto emergency-stop to take place. Many of the show scene effects would not work, such as Blackbeard's fog projection, the mermaids in the water before the drop, cannon ball effects not working in the ship scene, animatronic pieces falling apart (imagine a pirate with no head) etc. The most major of problems is the 40+ year old flume system, that has received no upgrades. The new fiberglass boats constantly get stuck in turns, the base of the drop, and on the up ramp (guests do not ride here) that cause evacuations to happen.

The ride is long overdue a major overhaul. I feel 4 months may not even be long enough. With "dates subject to change", I have a feeling this ride refurbishment will be extended (thank God).

Honestly, as amazing and beloved the attraction is, it needs to be entirely gutted and rebuilt.

This ride must be long over due a major refub as I guess the last time it was closed down for a long period was to add the pirates from the movies to the ride and that must have been roughly 10 years ago.

Brian B said...

I heard that Imagineering wanted much longer to fix the problems but thought they would only get 6 months. They got 4.

Anonymous said...

The fact that they've had to add "You may get wet" signs is ridiculous. I was seated in the front a few weeks ago and got soaked... Not exactly fun on a cold day. No mermaids or cannonball effects either. 4 months is not enough.

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