New Merchandise Debuts at Disney's Port Orleans Resort

New resort-specific merchandise items were recently introduced at Disney's Port Orleans Resort. Among the new items that are now available for purchase, Guests will find tumblers, luggage tags, pins, t-shirts, hats, and much more.
One of our Readers (who prefers to remain Anonymous) sent us pictures of just some of these new items, as well as a list including the current prices. Continue reading to learn more, and leave your comments at the end of the article.

"I came across your website and thought I might update you with some fantastic news of non-character resort themed merchandise... The inspiration for these pieces “might” have come from the Summer 2013 Disney Resort Hotels collection by Disney Design Group artist Tim Whalen. Whether all the resorts get their hands on each and every individual piece is unknown. 

The following list is brand spanking new merchandise I have seen at different [Walt Disney World Resort hotels]. The prices are exclusively for [Disney's] Port Orleans Resort merchandise:

- PO French Quarter Coffee Mug $14.95
- PO French Quarter Tumbler (Tervis Inspired) $17.95
  • Resort Acrylic Tumbler
  • Resort Porcelain Tumbler
- PO French Quarter Toothpick Holder [$ Unknown]
- Larry Dotson Resort Eight Color Giclee Print, Hand-Signed (3x5) $25.00 or (5x7) $35.00
- PO French Quarter Ornament $14.95
- PO French Quarter Pin $8.95
- PO French Quarter Key Chain $9.95
- PO French Quarter Luggage Tag $7.95
- PO French Quarter Post Card [$ Unknown]
- Resort Baseball Cap $19.95
- Resort Tapestry Woven Throw $74.95
- Assortment of New Orleans/Mardi Gras style food, condiments, and books [$ varies].









FYI to all your readers – if any Guest makes a donation to The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, as a way of saying “Thank You” they will receive one of these specially designed resort pins (each resort has a different color).

Everyone who wants to provide support for the study of wildlife – protection of habitats – development of conservation and educational programs, please stop by Jackson Square Gifts & Desires or Fulton’s General Store to make a contribution."

ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTE: Please, be aware that parts of the original message were changed for clarity purposes. We would like to thank again our anonymous contributor for the photos and information.

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  1. Many have been wishing for more, or in some cases any, hotel-specific merch. - so much is generic WDW theme.

    A revitalization perhaps..


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