CityWalk Orlando Update: NASCAR Demolition Resumes

Phase 2 of Universal Orlando's CityWalk is seemingly starting very slowly, but Guests visiting the area are finally seeing more progress being done in the few areas under construction. In actuality, only the former NASCAR Sports Grille is currently behind walls, even though more locations are expected to be replaced in the next few years. As always, we invite you to join us by taking a look around this entertainment, shopping, and dining district. Enjoy the photos:

A new Concierge desk is now open:

New TV screens advertise some of the many offerings available in the area:

Some work was being done in front of the CityWalk Guest Services:

An ATM was also missing:

Here you are photos of the current look of this area:

CityWalk's "new" permanent stage:

The Fresh Produce store was recently refurbished:

A quick look inside:

Some miscellaneous CityWalk photos:

The front facade of the former NASCAR Sports Grille is completely gone:

The side of the building is completely open now:

The Hard Rock Cafe was hosting a special event:

Time to go...

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. thanks. NASCAR seems to be moving slow for Uni. Maybe they just haven't decided on what's going there?

  2. Still faster than Disney :)

  3. I'm having problems seeing the photos on here. Thanks

  4. I thought NBC Bar and Grill was going there?