Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park is looking a lot like Downtown Disney at the moment. Guests will find temporary construction walls in almost every single themed land, as the park is in the middle of its biggest expansion ever.
While this could be seen as a negative thing by certain Guests, we should all try to look toward the future. Just imagine how beautiful the park will be once all the new areas and offerings will officially open to the public! Let's walk around...

Our first stop will be the future AVATAR Land:

The massive showbuilding of the land's immersive simulator is clearly visible from the parking lot:

Entering the park:

Walls are still up on both sides Discovery Island's entrance:

A new pole has been installed near the Disney Outfitters shop:

The expanded park hub:

New themed speakers were recently installed:

The new lights look great as well:

The relocated perch used during Winged Encounters - Kingdom Takes Flight:

Truly a majestic park icon:

One of the animal exhibits located nearby is still empty:

Work continues around the Flame Tree Barbecue area:

Nearby kiosks:

The construction walls around Discovery island now feature some great posters advertising many of the rides, attractions, shows, and exhibits located across the park. Take a look at just a few of them:

Work also continues in the west side of the Discovery Island:

A new restaurant is being built behind the existing Pizzafari:

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