2015 Epcot Flower & Garden Festival Preview (PART 2)

Welcome to part 2 of our 2015 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival preview! Be sure to also check out PART 1 of this update for even more great photos of all the great topiaries and flowers that Guests will enjoy during this year's event.
In the previous part, we first walked around Future World East, Future World West, the Fountain of Nations area, and parts of World Showcase Plaza. Let's continue to check out this area and the entire World Showcase promenade: 

Phineas and Ferb topiaries:

NEW! - Nature Rocks:

Mike and Sulley's Monstrous Garden:

NEW! - Anna and Elsa topiaries:

NEW! - Trial Garden (coming soon):

NEW! - Bold Bromeliads:


No troll topiaries can be found in the Norway pavilion this year. How ironic:


African Outpost:


Nice garden. Too bad it has been spoiled by a pig... (10 points to those who got the reference):


The American Adventure:




The United Kingdom:


Here's the full photo-gallery, which includes more than 50 additional pictures:

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  1. Oh I really like this format! The old captioned version + a gallery with more pictures!

  2. A shame there is no Figmnet Topiary...

  3. "Spoiled by a pig" that's a reference to Muppet Vision 3D!


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