The Orlando Eye Begins Installation of Passenger Capsules

The Orlando Eye observation wheel has announced that the installation of its passenger capsules begun yesterday. The process is unique to The Orlando Eye, as each capsule will be attached to the wheel by a shaft and hangar attached to the top of the capsule, making it a first for an observation wheel that uses the ski lift capsule design featured on the Eye. This system will keep the floor of the capsule level to allow guests to walk around for optimal viewing.

The first set of the glass capsules arrived on the site recently, after making a transatlantic journey from Northern Germany. The glass covering the capsules was crafted in Turkey, and then each capsule was assembled in Hungary.

All 30 capsules will feature air-conditioning, bench seating, lighting and audio effects, and interactive tablets providing guests with information on the 360-degree views of Central Florida.

“Now that the outer wheel is complete, and the first capsules are being installed, we can truly see the Orlando Eye taking shape and dramatically changing the Orlando skyline,” said Orlando Eye General Manager Robin Goodchild. “We are looking forward to seeing guests take that first flight on the Eye at our grand opening this spring.”

Day or night, whenever guests begin their journey on the Orlando Eye, they will be effortlessly lifted away in a bubble of calm and serenity to enjoy the 360-degree views above the hustle and bustle of the city below.

Located at the I-Drive 360 entertainment and dining complex, the Orlando Eye will be anchored by Madame Tussauds Orlando, the celebrity wax attraction, and SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium, the immersive underwater experience, rounding out three of the top global brands in Merlin Entertainments’ portfolio of exciting attractions.

Fun facts:
  • Each capsule weights three metric tons (6,600 pounds) or as much as an Indian elephant
  • All 30 capsules will have seating, air-conditioning, lighting and audio effects and interactive tablets to enhance the guest experience
  • Up to 450 guests can take in the 360-degree views at one time on the Eye, which include nearby theme parks, attractions, lakes, lush landscape, downtown Orlando and much more
  • Once the structure is complete, the Orlando Eye will be 400 feet tall and weigh approximately three million pounds, making it the tallest observation wheel on the U.S. East Coast
  • Each capsule has 10 panes of glass, weighing almost 1,300 pounds
The Orlando Eye
Located in the heart of International Drive, the 400-foot Orlando Eye is the tallest observation wheel on the U.S. eastern coast, offering a new way to experience the breathtaking views of Central Florida.

Poised to become a top visitor attraction for the tourism capital of the U.S., the Orlando Eye, part of the I-Drive 360 entertainment and dining complex, will showcase 360-degree views of Central Florida, including nearby theme parks and attractions, downtown Orlando and Kennedy Space Center on Florida’s east coast, all within the comfort of 30 air-conditioned glass capsules. Each capsule has room for up to 15 guests to enjoy a serene 20-minute journey above the scenic landscape.

Included in the Orlando Eye journey is access to the pre-flight 4D cinema experience, taking guests on a full 3D aerial journey of Florida, with the added dimension of sensory experiences, including lighting, wind, spray and scent effects.

The Orlando Eye opens in spring 2015. Visit for more information.

PHOTO: © 2015 The Orlando Eye. All rights reserved.


  1. This looks like it's going to be very similar to the Sky Wheel in Myrtle Beach SC. The capsules look almost identical.

  2. I made a little research on the Sky Wheel, but while the gondolas may look similar, they only fit about 2-6 people. These ones will fit 30 people at once! ;-)

  3. Just looking at the scale of the gondolas next to those workers I don't think 30 is a realistic number.

  4. 15 People per Capsule. Might be a bit crowded if they put 30 in lol.

  5. Yeah it's 15 people per capsule. 450 people total divided by 30 capsules = 15 people per capsule. ;-)

  6. I apologize for the mistake, my bad. There are actually 30 capsules, but they fit a maximum of 15 people. I mixed number up. Sorry again!

  7. Capsules on the London Eye are approx 30sqm internally and have a capacity of 25 people.
    I think the Orlando Eye will be a comfortable experience. They won't have got those sums wrong in such a highly competitive market.

  8. Alton Towers use the same capsules on there skyride.

  9. Have been in the London Eye, and 25 people had plenty of space

  10. Skyride at Alton Towers does use the same Poma gondola design, but they hold 10 people, not 15, so they're a little smaller.


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