Construction Begins at the Superstar Television Theater

Earlier this afternoon, the Walt Disney World Resort announced internally that the vacant Superstar Television Theater (a large entertainment venue located at Disney's Hollywood Studios that housed The American Idol Experience) is currently a construction zone, and work on a new experience officially begun.
The latest rumors state that this may become the new location for the popular "For the First Time Forever": A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration show.


  1. So walls are going up. At least this big theater will have something in it even if its frozen. Do we expect to see more themeing added to the theater. At least it already has a fast pass plus line ready. Please keep us us inform all the changes to DHS are interesting and i hope to be on vacation in June or July of 2015 to see all of this going on. P.s Will this be done for summer?

  2. Hell no! If they do I'm not going back I'm sick of the hyper over a mediocre film that basically only good for its songs. Also note that they need to look at the future what may be popular now will it stand the test of time?

  3. I'm pretty sure if it's frozen its temporaryish, as that's supposed to be the entrance area to the new Star Wars/Lucas land.


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