Orlando Eye Construction Update: Last Spoke Installed

A great milestone was reached in the past few days in the I-Drive 360 area. In fact, the final spoke of the Orlando Eye was installed, officially completing the outer section of the observation wheel. While the glass cabins are still waiting to be installed, those walking by the area can finally see the complete structure that will soon provide a fantastic panoramic view of the Central Florida area to thousands of Guests. Take a look around with us:

Another truly gorgeous day in Orlando:

As you can see, all the outer spokes are now in place:

The front of the wheel:

Working on a sign:

I-Drive 360:

A view of the wheel and the surrounding area from the ground:


They are still working on the fountain:

A few more photos of the area:

A new sign was recently installed in front of the parking structure:

More signs:

And that should be all for now. We can't wait to finally experience all the great attractions that will be available in the I-Drive 360 area next year. We will continue to keep you up-to-date.


  1. it's amazing how quick this has come along, it looks beautiful, trouble is traveling from the UK and on a limited time scale would we be able to fit this in-between the other attractions.


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