A lot of progress has been done around Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park since the last time we visited the park. We are really glad to see how much attention the park is receiving as of late, especially since it really deserves it, being one of the most beautiful theme parks ever created (very few parks can come close to the beauty of the natural environments recreated around Animal Kingdom). Take a look around with us. We hope you'll enjoy the photos:

As usual, we will start by checking out the work being done around the parking lot of the park, as the new Yeti area continues to take shape. Rumors say that the area may include strobe lights:

AVATAR Land crane:

Time to actually enter the park:

The Oasis:

The majestic Tree of Life:

The major refurbishment of the Tree of Life Garden continues:

The expansion of Disney Outfitters is in full swing:

One of the newest animal exhibits still has no animals:

The future entrance to the World of Pandora:

Due to the fact that walls will be moving toward the center of Discovery Island in a few days, the screened-in patio of Pizzafari will close temporarily for an unspecified length of time:

We think that this closure is necessary to avoid having Guests looking into the construction area:

Work continues on the new Joffrey's Coffee kiosk on the other side of Discovery Island:

The Flame Tree BBQ building is being expanded to make way for this new addition:

The Flame Tree BBQ restaurant has one of the best outdoor seating areas on property. That being said, watch out for the ibises, as they will snatch the food from your plate right before your eyes!

"It's Tough to Be a Bug!" is back open after a lengthy refurbishment:

Many of the ugly structures that had been installed around the queue area for the attraction have finally been removed. They were installed after a small branch of the Tree of Life fell into the queue line while the park was closed to Guests. Fortunately, nobody got injured:

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