Welcome to a new Epcot photo-update, Orlando Theme Park News Readers! Today we have a few things to show you, including the new American Adventure restrooms that recently opened on the right side of the American Adventure attraction (exciting, we know...). Let's start first by taking a walk around Future World:

Work on the new turnstile-free entrance continues:

Spaceship Earth:

We think that this small area next to the Guest Relations could be a perfect central location for MyMagic+:

Moving on:

Fountain View:

A quick look inside:

The few tables outside are void of chairs:

Going inside The Land:

Work on one of the escalators continues:


Back outside:

Time to check out Innoventions West:


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Anonymous said...

is it me or epcot the park in disney world disney ;east cares about

Anonymous said...

The shopping, food, and festivals are so profitable, WDI doesn't care about updating or maintaining anything.

Brian said...

For the "small area next to the Guest Relations could be a perfect central location for MyMagic+", what did it used to be?

It's sad to see Innoventions empty. When I went in 1987, from what I remember, CommuniCore (and ImageWorks) had a lot of things to do, and was *full* of people who were entertained by what was offered. The good ole days. Today it takes much more (too much) to entertain people.
Unfortunately my next visit was 21 years later.

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