SeaWorld Update: Antarctica, Atlantis, Etc. (PART 3)

Welcome to PART 3 of this brand-new SeaWorld Orlando update! PART 2 can be found at this link.

It is now time to get a sneak-peek of Antarctica - Empire of the Penguin from the ground:

We can't see a lot of details from the ground yet, but it is still very exciting to see the progress that has been made:

Hopefully they will theme this side of the building... We would be really sad to have to see such an eyesore:

Switching to another camera setting to better distinguish the building from the sky:

Not the nicest view from the Pacific Point Preserve:

Moving around the Antarctica area:

The old restrooms near the former Penguin Encounter exhibit are still open, but they are now working on the facade (we are positive that they will theme the building to match the look of the new area):

The penguin-shaped rock is taking... shape:

Switching again camera setting:

More fake glaciers:

Journey to Atlantis is closed for its annual seasonal rehab (as we sated at the beginning of this update):

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