SeaWorld Update: Antarctica, Atlantis, Etc. (PART 1)

Good evening, and welcome to this latest SeaWorld Orlando update, brought to you by the Orlando Theme Park News Team (that seemingly never takes a vacation from posting updates)! This time we seriously have a ton of pictures to share with you (almost 200), so you can be sure that this update will keep you busy for a while. Are you ready to go? Well then, let's start right away:

It was a cloudy day:

Yes, we know that Journey to Atlantis is currently closed for its seasonal refurbishment:

Multiple advertisements for the "Just for Kids" festival can be seen around the entrance area:

These ads also include Franklin:

Some Manta photos:

The waterfalls at the entrance of the ride were off:

Moving on:

The structure we mentioned in our last update has become Franklin's meet-and-greet space:

A closer look at the artwork:

Meeting times:

Time to go toward the Sky Tower:

A look around the park:

Truly beautiful:

And we are going... up!:

Antarctica is really massive! And it is going to open soon:

It is really going to be one of our favorite theme park areas, no doubt on that:

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