The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow - Photos & Video

The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow is the newest attraction to open at Disney's Hollywood Studios. This walk-through attraction takes Guests into the world of the Pirates of The Caribbean films, giving a glimpse of some of the characters and environments portrayed in the first four films of this popular saga.

So, how is this "experience?" Well, some consider it quite enjoyable, others lament the fact that it is just slightly better than the former occupant of the building, "Journey Into Narnia - Prince Caspian," a terrible walk-through attraction that could be summed up in one word: advertisement.

In our personal opinion, The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow is much better than its predecessor, and it certainly has a much more impressive set and special effects. We would definitely recommend it for those who have enough time to enjoy an entire day in the park, but we would not recommend it for those who only have time for the major attractions, as this is not one of them.

That being said, we don't want to post spoilers regarding the "plot" of the attraction itself (if you want to preview the attraction, you will want to see the video of the entire walk-through posted at the very end of this post). For that reason, we will skip that part and just leave you with some photos of the exterior facade of this new addition, as well as some pictures of the interior. Enjoy:

The left side of the building:

A look at the front of the building and the attraction's sign:

The wait time sign just outside the attraction:

The queue area has not changed at all. It is still an unthemed switchback line:

The skull in the (bare) pre-show room:

This annoying guy will follow us throughout the entire experience. Fortunately, Jack Sparrow will save us:

This is the other side of the door we go through to enter the second room:

Inside the main show room:

The theming is very impressive:

There's that annoying guy:

We conclude with the video of the full experience that we mentioned at the beginning of this post:

Now that you have read our review and seen the video, the last thing you need to do is... experience the attraction in person! If you have already had the chance of doing so, make sure to leave a comment.


  1. MUCH better than the Narnia one. JAck Sparrow's projection is really lifelike. The attraction is perfectly designed for what has already been said: it's a crowd controller. Not something you would visit if you had less than half a day or so.

    On another note, it looks like the backside portion the Chinese Theatre's roof needs some TLC.

  2. The only thing is they really need to get seats in the theatre...comeon disney these are no brainers...make your guests happy not tired.

  3. Disney's studios adds this, Universal Studios adds Transformers. Which one is better. The only thing that draws people to Disney is tradition and a midget in a mouse suit. pretty sad.

  4. Yawwwwn... another person comparing apples to oranges. Nothing to see here, guys.

  5. Uh, you do realize they also opened New Fantasyland and the reimagined Test Track on the same day as The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow? And let's not forget the completely reimagined California Adventure on the west coast. I'll take those over Transformers any day.


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