Antarctica Update: Huge Steel Structure Going Up

The new Antarctica attraction currently under construction at SeaWorld Orlando is seeing some pretty major changes, and that is really positive, as very little progress was seen in the past few weeks. Let us take a quick look around the area, with a focus on the huge new steel structure that is being attached to the main building:

The old "Friends of the Wild" gift shop is still partially standing:

The former quick-service restaurant:

Another huge crane in a theme park... We have seen this also at Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World!:

A better look at the new steel structure:

More photos from different perspectives:

It is incredible to know that this attraction will open before the end of Spring next year...

More steel:

A look from the other side of the fence:

That is all for today, but check back soon for many more photos from around SeaWorld Orlando, as we have quite a few interesting news to share with you! Have a good night, and see you real soon.

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  1. BondedwiththeseaJuly 1, 2012 at 11:44 PM

    Ohh looking good! I'm excited for the new news too, hopefully it's good news about DWS!