Hello, and welcome to this new Magic Kingdom general update. This photo-report will almost completely focus on the major work currently being done on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but you will also be able to see some of the work being done in the surrounding area. Let's take a look:

The ride will certainly look incredible when it will reopen in May:

Many rumors indicate that the entire queue of the rid will be completely re-themed (and enclosed), to look like guests are already inside a mine. We can't wait to see it!:

The entire lower part of the mountain has been almost completely repainted:

I would personally love to see the Imagineers completely redoing the taller part of the mountain, to resemble Disneyland Paris' Big Thunder Mountain:

More photos of the area:

We apologize for the fog that is seen in these photos, but the Riverboat was really making a lot of smoke:

Scaffolding all over the place:

The small building in the back of the mountain is currently receiving new shingles:

A closer look:

Working on the track:

That's some serious work!:

That looks like a home-made train mock up:

Some photos taken from the Walt Disney World Railroad:

And now, let's take a look at some more miscellaneous news.

First of all, some areas of the Liberty Belle Riverboat have been repainted:

Also, some minor work is being done around Frontierland:


Tarps are still up in this section of the land:

Work on the bridge near Splash Mountain was recently completed:

The major repaving work that was being done in both Frontierland and Liberty Square seems to have been completed. Here you are some photos (when work was still being done):

This should be all, for now. See you later, with more news and updates from the parks.

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