Epcot update (Mouse Gear/Imagination)

Here you are a new update on Epcot, with a focus on the Imagination Pavilion, Mouse Gear and Duffy the Bear! Let's begin with one of the best sights you can ever see:

Work continue in front of the monorail. Anyone knows what they're doing here??:

The TRON Monorail is still here:

The Imagination pavilion's fountain wasn't working:

See? The waterfall is neither going up nor down:

Technical shot:

Do you spot a difference since the last time?:


But there are still other logos that need to go:

These are new banners:

Nothing new here:

This changed too:

Inside Mouse Gear, the new carpet has almost been completely installed in every room:

And some of the walls are down, revealing.... no more cash registers here!!:

The only cash registers are in this small area:

Parts of the carpet that still need to be changed:

More walls have been spotted though:

Maybe here there will be new cash registers:

What happened to Duffy? He's still here, don't worry:

This is so random:


They were recording a spot for the 2011 Food&Wine festival of Disney California Adventure, that will take place April 29-June 12, 2011:

He was funny:

The banner:

Duffy's meet-and-greet:

What happened to those small books that told the story of Duffy???:

Here he is:

New cover for the theater in Canada:

Two more pictures:

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  1. The reverse fountain on Imagination Pavilion is Great but the "fireworks fountain" in the middle of first epcot section is absolutely awesome!!!!

    Just a quick question: in front of the Spaceship Earth there are some black marble blocks with many mini picture on it.
    What are those picture an those block???

  2. Those are people who paid a lot of money to put an extremely small picture of themselves on a piece of marble! it's called "Leave a legacy", and now has been discontinued. I hope to see it go soon!!!

  3. Hate to break it to you all but.. Theyre going to be there until at least 2015. At the max, 2020.

    I wish they was gone though

  4. It's nice to see that Imagination is getting a little sprucing up. Kodak was doing nothing for that place. The whole pavilion is still incredibly sad though. Will you be doing a report on the new store in france?

  5. Well... with a good price I could think about. I live in the far far away land (ahahah) and my picture available for a long term in one of the most beautiful park in the world could be a good experience for me!!!

    But this program is similar to the signed brick on the floor in front of the Magic Kingdom entrance at the monorail's exit???

  6. @ Bigfoot: yes, it's basically the same thing. But you know what's funny? They will be removed soon! The people who spent their money on those will surely be mad! :-)

    @ Anonymous: for new store do you mean the new perfume shop of Givenchy or something like that?

    @ Austin: Who is staying until 2015?

  7. Leave a Legacy is staying through 2015 at the least. Its part of a contract. I think Raven on WDWMagic confirmed that when there was a thread about one missing the tiles because it was damaged.

  8. Oh, okay, thanks for the info.
    But at the same time, LEE said that something will be done soon about it...
    Now I'm confused!

  9. I hope they will remain! I think that those "stone" are stretched to Spaceship Earth give the illusion of a continuity between this two element.
    Well... they remind me even the famous Monolith of 2001: Space Odissey


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