Epcot Update: Saying Goodbye to Maelstrom (PART 1)

Epcot is still a great park. Yes, it has quite a few issues at this time (like the fact that many attractions definitely need to be updated or the lack of new rides that could fill World Showcase), but we should definitely look at this park with cautious optimism. While many favorite shows and attractions are now gone (like Maelstrom and Off Kilter), future new additions may help "fix" this park. Come with us, and let's take a look around to see what is new since our last visit:


The entrance of the park is now adorned with a sign advertising the Food & Wine Festival:

Note the attention to details of this temporary creation:

Moving forward, we noticed that the entrance fountain was off. It is unclear whether it is being refurbished or if there is something wrong with the pipes or with the fountain itself:

Continuing our tour:

We are very glad to report that the columns located near Spaceship Earth have been completely repainted, using a new color. The white blends beautifully with the look of the rest of the building:

Even the exterior of the Siemens Lounge has been repainted:

Nearby, we noticed that the outdoor seating area of the Electric Umbrella is receiving some attention:

The poles and the planters are being refurbished:

It also looks like the long planter is being repainted:

Some new food items have been added to the menu of the Electric Umbrella:

The French Dip Burger replaced the Mac-and-Cheese Burger:

The Veggie Naan Wich replaced the Chicken Nuggets on the sign (still available):

The Sausage and Pepper Sandwich replaced the Meatball Sub:

The Chicken Caesar Salad and the Vegetarian Flatbread are not new and are still available:

Still at the Electric Umbrella, we never reported the fact that the look of the menu on the monitors has been completely changed. Multiple food items are now shown at once, which is good change:

Let's now take a very quick look around Future World East:

Nothing new to report from this side of the park:


Absolutely nothing is currently being done in this space: