Epcot News: Something is Happening Behind Soarin'

This afternoon we have a quick update on a rumored project that should soon start to take shape in The Land Pavilion. According to some confirmed eye-witnesses (i.e., these are not rumors), the back of the building housing Soarin's has been completely cleared, even though the trailers remain at this time. In addition to that, plenty of markers have been spotted all around the area, including utility flags and other small signs that definitely confirm that plans are moving ahead.

As you will remember, some rumors have been saying that one new theater will soon be added to Soarin' while other sources have stated that they are actually looking into building two new theaters, in effect doubling the hourly capacity of Soarin', which is also going to be replaced by a completely new movie (which will showcase the entire world instead of just California) in the next few years. 

Here is an aerial view of the area where these marks were spotted in the past few days, from Google Earth:

As always, be sure to stay tuned here on Orlando Theme Park News for additional information about future projects such as this and for rumors about possible new developments in the area's theme parks.

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