Downtown Disney Update: Starbucks Now Open (PART 1)

Welcome to our newest photo-report, Orlando Theme Park News Readers!
Today we are going to take a look around the Downtown Disney district to check on the progress being done in the many areas that are currently behind walls and under construction. Today we will be able to go inside the new West Side Starbucks, which officially opened to all Guests just a few days ago. In addition to that, we'll take a look around the rest of this entertainment district. Enjoy:

First of all, the topiaries of mater and Lightning McQueen can be seen near the entrance of the West Side:

Let's start to head over to the heart of the West Side:

The new Wetzel's Pretzels and Häagen-Dazs kiosks:

The Car Masters Weekend is coming back soon:

These food trucks seem to move aimlessly as they await their new parking area:

The future Food Trucks Park:

The new (and temporary) United World Soccer shop:

The new West Side Starbucks:

It looks much better than we originally expected:

We love the look of the grass on the roof:

A peek inside:

Characters in Flight:

The pond around Planet Hollywood is completely surrounded by walls:

A temporary stage recently replaced the former West Side fountain:

Work continues all around the former Pleasure Island:

One of the new restaurants:


  1. Wow, the Pretzels and Häagen-Dazs kiosks look horrible against that huge wall. And for what style are they going? It's a mess. I hope newer addition will be more exiting then the regular food court options you find in every mall in the US.

  2. I have never had the need to visit the west side. With young children, I have been more interested on the other side. The kids are older and I still don't see the attraction. Other than maybe Cirque du soleil which I have at home, I see nothing interesting. You can bowl at home for a lot cheaper. I suppose it is popular with the residents. Any comments from fellow tourists?

  3. Well, its all a matter of perspective, life experience, geography.

    WHERE I live, we do have Starbucks. We don't have Cirque, lots of fancy clothing stores, restaurants of much reputation beyond fast food joints. We don't have semi-pro or professional theater, or much else for nighttime entertainment. We have a movie theater. We don't have dedicated ice cream shops, nice open air pedestrian-style malls with lots of kiosks for trinkets and snacks and this and that. We don't have malls with foods courts - most malls have far more food choices in them than we have in our town!! We don't have bowling.

    We don't have 99% of what Disney World has to offer. So you can be uninterested all you like, but honestly why are you coming to Disney World if you have all of this stuff where you live?

    So we're looking forward to the new digs, and I can't wait to have a nice warm pretzel…

    Thanks for the photo update. This continues to be the BEST place to SEE what is going on around Disney World.

  4. Okay, I was talking about Downtown Disney west side, not the theme parks. I didn't realize that that area was 99% of why people go. Obviously, I hit a nerve. I come with my children for Mickey Mouse and the parks. I was just curious. Seriously, no bowling in your town?

  5. We usually go Florida in Sept time so Animal Kingdom closes at 5pm so we go to downtown disney for a bite to eat at the Earl of sandwich and spend a good 2 to 3 hours in Disney Quest as it's included in our park tickets deal.

  6. Locals (like us) pretty much only go to the West Side. Unless we want Earl of Sandwhich or have to go souvenir shopping with the out of town guests. House of Blues for live entertainment, AMC for a movie or dine-in movie and maybe the occasional bowl in the nicest bowling alley ever.

  7. From Anonymous #2

    Thank you Savo1981 and the last Anonymous. I was curious about that area since I never go there. It is nice when people just respond and not be angry and spit fire. This is what this blog should be about- sharing info and experiences about the best vacation spot on Earth!

  8. I spent many many days in West Side as a child, but back then, the main attraction was Virgin and Magnetron. Now I have no reason to be there except for concerts or movies.


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