Islands of Adventure News: The Lorax May Weep (PART 2)

Welcome to PART 2 of our newest Islands of Adventure photo-report, Orlando Theme Park News Readers (PART 1 can be found right here)!

In part 1, we walked around Port of Entry, Marvel Superhero Island, and we started to take a look around Toon lagoon. Now it is time to continue to check out Toon Lagoon, as one of two major attractions of this beautiful themed area is receiving some much-needed attention:

Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls is now closed for its seasonal refurbishment. It will be reopening in February:

Walls on both sides of the bridge:

Behind the walls:

The Ladder:

More photos of the water-less water ride:

A brave worker on the mountain:

More behind-the-walls shots:

Painting everywhere:

The Toon Lagoon sign by the Jurassic Park entrance is also behind walls:

Entering Jurassic Park:

And here we have the biggest news (or rumor). We have notices that the land that is supposedly left aside for the brand-new King Kong-themed land has been completely covered with utility flags (those small, red flags). We had seen some of them before, but this time we noticed many more of them. In addition to that, multiple trees in the area have been marked using either a green or red string. What does that mean? Are they going to start to cut down (or remove) trees? If that is true, you can bet that the Lorax will be furious (hence the title of this update). Of course, this may mean something else, but it could also be a sign confirming some of the latest rumors... Here you are a few photos of these flags and the strings:

The green strings around some of the trees:

Camp Jurassic:

Jurassic Park River Adventure:

The new Jurassic Park midway games:

Looking good: