Islands of Adventure: JP Games Work Begins (PART 1)

This morning we will take a quick look around Universal's Islands of Adventure to see what's happening in the park. While most of the attention is now undoubtedly being directed toward Universal Studios Florida, there are plenty of other minor projects taking place in this park, the biggest one of them being the new themed midway games in the Jurassic Park area. Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy our virtual tour of Islands of Adventure:

First of all, the sign above one of the entrance of the IOA Trading Company store is still missing:

A general look around Port of Entry:

The small, circular roof of this facade has finally been repainted:

Jumping over to the Marvel Superhero Island:

A truly wonderful attraction:

We are not sure, but it looks like this sign was recently refurbished:

The new wait time signs have been updated. They look much better now:

Entering Toon Lagoon:

Welcome... to Jurassic Park!:

As we stated at the beginning of this update, work on the new themed midway games has officially started:

A temporary wall has been placed in front of the former extended queue for Jurassic Park River Adventure: