360° Video of Busch Gardens Tampa's Serengeti Safari

As many of our Readers might already know, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay offers Guests the chance to get an even closer look at many of the amazing animals that call the park home thanks to the Serengeti Safari. The safari takes visitors to the Serengeti Plain while a tour guide shares secrets about this habitat.
This afternoon, we are giving you the chance to get a taste of this tour through a 360° video shared by Best of Orlando (click here for additional information).

Remember to drag the video to virtually move around and explore the environment!:

VIDEO: © 2016 Best of Orlando. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Ok this may not be a popular comment, but I'll say ask it anyway. Is it time to close down the Serengeti Plain and put in some more rides? It's really not that big of a park (minus the Serengeti) and there's no room to expand. It's pretty boring compared to Disney anyway. Just my 2c. Not trying to attracts trolls. It's an honest question. Thoughts?

  2. +Jason
    It's certainly a unique attraction, only Animal Kingdom has something close to this, but AK's is not as personal.

    Scraping it just inches BG closer to a six flags, and unless that makes financial since looking forward, I doubt they'd make the move. I wonder if they have published any stats on how many people visit the safari, in relation to the total number of visitors?!?

    I love the big thrill rides, but without that theme it becomes so completely soulless. Does that theme need SP? I don't know, but in my opinion the theme consists of so many little parts, and taking them away would probably seem okay until a point you suddenly realise they've gone one step too far.

    As an aside, Lory Landing is the attraction I most enjoy, and I hated that nonsense they introduced about needing to buy a commercial photo package just to buy the nectar.

  3. Great points and questions angryJames!

    I agree re:Six Flags. I certainly wouldn't just want roller coasters. I agree SP is more personal than AK, but Disney has no shortage of space, so a safari taking up 110 acres is no big deal for them. I guess my point was primarily this: Given the lack of space to expand, does it make sense for SP to take up 65 of their 335 acres (excluding Adventure Island)? To think about how much space 65 acres, consider that Expedition Everest only takes up just over 6 acres and it is HUGE. Ok, I did say not just roller coasters, but that one has some impressive theming. Anyway, it was just a thought and a question. Hopefully others will respond as well.

    Have fun all..

  4. Jason, those acre values are very interesting indeed.

    I think we all agree that theming is key, and Expedition Everest is a terrific example of great theming, and as you say with a relatively small footprint. If only Busch/SeaWorld could move towards Universal/Disney in that regard.

    Am I right in thinking that Comcast (Universal) own a huge stake in SeaWorld? I mean these rides cost around $100 million, so perhaps Universal could expand into SeaWorld's space (since they need the land they foolishly sold off years ago), and bring Harry Potter like theming to those parks too.

    Gotta love the competition. Anything that keeps Disney on its toes is a good thing :)


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