"Cementosaurus" Icon to Be Repainted at Animal Kingdom

Very few people might not know this, but the large dinosaur that act as the icon of DinoLand U.S.A. at Animal Kingdom actually has a name: Cementosaurus.
As part of the major projects that aim to improve the overall look of the park, the large dinosaur located at the entrance to Chester and Hester’s Dino-Rama is slowly transitioning from orange to green, giving it a more "realistic" look (that is purely based on how the majority of dinosaurs are depicted in this day and age).

Here's a photo showing the Cementosaurus, which has been standing as the icon of DinoLand for years:

This process is expected to take approximately two weeks and should not impact nearby attractions.

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  1. Ugh. Please tear it down along with the entire carnival gaming area. Looks like a cheap county fair in a parking lot.

  2. Perhaps instead of painting it green they can paint it tear it down?

  3. Totally agree. We have never spent more than 5 minutes in Dinoland. Seems so cheap and out of place. TEAR IT DOWN - PLEASE!!

  4. "Looks like a cheap county fair in a parking lot."

    That's exactly the point, and why I love Chester & Hester's. The theming is fantastic. I hope it never goes away.

  5. Like 4th comment says, it's supposed to look "like a cheap county fair in a parking lot".

    I welcome the idea of making it look more realistic though.

  6. People who complain about this area looking cheap are really clueless to what the theme of the area is. There is actually a rather involved story as to why it looks this way, and it is rather fun! I love this area of Animal Kingdom!

  7. Yes the highly touted and painstakingly crafted "rather involved" "backstory" That the backstory has to be constantly brought up to justify this place is very telling.

    It is perhaps the height of Disney believing its on b.s. that its guests want some epic tale behind every attraction, excuse me, experience.

    The word experience is the proper term now I guess. Wanna an ice cream cone? That's an experience. whoopee

    Anyway, it was created on the cheap, it looks cheap, it doesn't belong in AK it belongs out on the older sections of I-Drive in amongst the cheap hotels and souvenir stores. I'd wager a huge majority of guests see this same stuff every year at their local fair or carnival - only Disney makes it 'special' I guess by charging more.

    This crass tribute to hucksterism is an enormous waste of space.

  8. The one in California Adventure was torn down. Why not here? I prefer a total makeover to Indiana Jones by replacing the Dinosaur ride that few people bother riding.

  9. If you don't want backstories, perhaps it's you who doesn't belong because virtually everything at a Disney park or resort has one.

  10. I'm not sure why it takes them two weeks to repaint a dinosaur when Universal can repaint the entire Jurassic Park ride in the same amount of time. But beyond that, can't Disney just put in a little extra effort to turn this cheap carnival look into an immersive, realistic dinosaur land, so that it matches the aesthetic of the rest of the park? It really wouldn't be that hard to do, when you think about it.

  11. Is this being done so that the dinosaur blends in better while viewing Rivers of Light? Does anybody have a photo from that view?

  12. This whole area is an end that looked for a story to justify the means.

    What if they simply changed the backstory of Tony's town square restaurant to include some mention of terribly prepared food. Then they would be able to justify the crap they serve as part of the backstory.

    Turns out backstory is cheaper than actual experiences and attractions.


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