The theme parks and attractions in the Orlando area continually review their comprehensive approach to security, and this is especially needed now due to the recent events that have affected many locations throughout the world.
As part of these efforts to keep Central Florida's attractions as safe as possible, some very important security changes were introduced at the Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld Orlando, and the Walt Disney World Resort on December 17.

Here's a list of some of the additional security measures that are now present at all (or some) locations:
  • The presence of uniformed local law enforcement has been increased;
  • Specially trained “vapor wake” dogs now patrol key areas;
  • In addition to the screening processes already in place at the entrances to the theme parks (the bag checks), Guests will be randomly selected for a secondary screening using a metal detector.
In addition to what is mentioned above, the Walt Disney World Resort also added the following rules:
  • The sale of toy guns has been discontinued at the Walt Disney World Resort. These items are no longer permitted to be brought into the four Disney theme parks. This helps ensure that a toy gun does not cause a distraction or confusion for Cast Members and security personnel in the parks.
  • The Walt Disney World Resort has also adjusted the policy on costumes. Guests ages 14 years and older are no longer permitted to wear costumes into the theme parks.
Be sure to note that more changes may be coming in the following months. We will keep you updated.

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