Disney's BoardWalk: Flying Fish Café to Be Reimagined

As announced by the official Disney Parks Blog, January 31 will be the last day of operation for the Flying Fish Café on Disney’s BoardWalk, as the signature restaurant will close for several months as both Walt Disney Imagineering and the culinary team reimagine one of the most popular dining locations at the Walt Disney World Resort. In addition to a whole new look, the restaurant will also have a new menu when it reopens (some Guests' favorites will remain).

The completely reimagined dining room will still feature an onstage kitchen while incorporating an airier design, with more room for the popular Chef’s Counter and wine dinners.

Stay tuned here on Orlando Theme Park News for additional details on this major refurbishment project.

PHOTOS (depicting the current look of the restaurant): © 2015 Disney. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Danny Meyer is elementimg tipping at his restaurants, and raising prices. I wonder if he'll gain price parity with WDW now?

    /wink wink

  2. Eliminating tipping is such garbage... I understand the concept, but we americans tip, its what we do. So even when the tip is built into the charge, it is still done, making the "tips" even larger. Think about pizza delivery. The drivers used to live on tips, then they added a delivery fee, but the tip is still there, so the driver gets both the delivery fee AND the tip.

    This is not a comment about if the service deserves a tip, but adding in, or raising the price by 15-18%, and then feeling obligated to leave 5-10% on top of that seems deceptive to me.

  3. What is driving Meyer are a couple of things: NY is a global city and frequently his wait staff are stiffed by Europeans. He's apparently tired of the accounting, the pooling, the hassle etc - and so are his people.

    He's going to raise their wages, raise prices to compensate, and everyone from from front to back of house will benefit - which is the object of working: to benefit.

    "We Americans" .. lol This American is more than capable of changing my habits.

    Englishman Scott refused to use dogs to reach the South Pole because "We British walk" Norwegian Amundsen used dogs and got there first, Scott froze to death on the way back.

    Anyway... learn to bake your own pizza. its easy and the appreciation from the household is better than any tip you'd give a delivery driver!

  4. Since Disney has always taken/borrowed much from NYC will this become a Shake Shack? Or possibly Meyer's newest NYC location, Porchlight?

    Just keep The Chews host (who is now in Epcot) Mario Batali away from all Disney restaurants. Batali was skimming tips off of staff for years. And ended up having to pay $5 million in court.

    And since bartenders and servers get paid about $3 an hour, Disney better pay reasonable wages if servers/bartenders aren't getting tips.

  5. @Anonymous #2: There are many ideals held sacred here in the United States. Freedom. Equality. The pursuit of happiness. While we haven't always been good at ensuring that every citizen is able to enjoy those things, I'd say that most of us still believe they are an inherent part of who we are.

    You know what's not one of those ideals? Tipping.

    Times change and customs change. Imagine going back to the 50s and telling people their bank was going to charge them to take out their money (ATM fees) or that they'd be paying over $100/month to watch TV (cable). No one would have believed you.

    Personally, when I'm very old, I'd love to be able to tell stories about the old days when restaurant servers had to survive off of tips.

  6. By the way, you may want to ask the next time you order pizza. Where I live that delivery fee goes to the restaurant...not the delivery person. You may be unknowingly stiffing the driver.

  7. Alex, are you Danny Meyer or Mario Batali? LOL!!!!!

    Good day sir. :)

  8. Lol @ the complaints about delivery fees. That money doesn't go to the person delivering... It helps cover the insurance costs of having drivers.