Cobra's Curse Construction Update (October 9, 2015)

The Busch Gardens Tampa Blog recently shared a great photo-update covering the construction of the park's newest family roller coaster, Cobra's Curse:
"Big things are happening on the Cobra’s Curse construction site! 14 containers of ride steel [were recently delivered], and vertical ride assembly has already started. Earlier this week [the week of October 4, 2015], we began setting the first ride columns into place and our first track segment was set in place.

Now that ride assembly has started, it will be a nearly continuous process until the final pieces are set into place early next year.

The unique site conditions of Cobra’s Curse will make for a thrilling ride experience with trenches and exciting “near-misses,” but presents challenges when it comes to construction. Normally, a roller coaster is assembled starting at the station and either running forward or backward in the direction of travel. For Cobra’s Curse, our cranes cannot fit around the entire site so we are starting the track assembly in the middle of the ride and will work our way around back to the station. The most complicated structure on the ride, the vertical lift, will be the last segment to be assembled later this year.

Elsewhere around the site, we are installing underground conduits for controls and power. We have poured portions of the ride station concrete slab and started building the block walls that form the basement of the vertical lift. Two of our ride trenches, each around 12 feet deep, are getting dug out and we are forming dozens of ride foundations so they are ready for the ride steel to be set into place.

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