The expansive amphitheater being built on the shores of the Discovery River continues to take shape at Disney'a Animal Kingdom. This new outdoor venue will soon function as a viewing area for the much-anticipated Rivers of Light nighttime spectacular that will officially debut in the park in Spring 2016.
As you will see, even more faux rock formations are being added next to the Flame Tree Barbecue's seating area, while more work takes place elsehwere.

Before heading to the Discovery River, we noticed that Animal Kingdom's sign was recently replaced:

As you can see, the lettering has been painted using a darker shade of yellow, which will fade with time:

In the park, we noticed that a section of the seating area of Flame Tree Barbecue has been closed:

That section had to be closed to allow some work to be done around it:

A new, concrete wall is being built to hide the equipment that will be used as part of the show:

This new rock formation will soon hide show-related equipment:

It's time to focus on the actual Rivers of Light amphitheater:

Let's take a closer view, from left to right:

The left side of the amphitheater is still behind when compared to the right side:

We observed plenty of construction workers in the area yesterday:

One of the multiple tech booths that will be used during the show:

The right side:

Temporary railings have been added:

Another tech booth can be seen partially hidden by trees:

Another faux rock formation:

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