The Incredible Hulk Coaster - Photos (Before 2016 Rehab)

Just a few days ago, The Incredible Hulk Coaster closed at Islands of Adventure for an extensive refurbishment that bring a lot of enhancements to this ride.
According to what was announced (and rumors), the attraction will receive a completely redesigned themed queue, new features on the trains, a smoother track, and more. Let's take a look around while we wait for the coaster to reopen, as this will allow us to compare the new product with the old experience.

We will begin by sharing some photos taken a few years ago. Yes, we actually saved some pictures from a long time ago, thinking that they might be useful in the future. We were definitely right, as the Universal Orlando Resort no longer allows Guests (not even non-riders) to walk around the queue and loading/unloading areas with any lose items, including bags, cameras, phones, and change.

Fortunately, we set aside some time to tour the queue a few years back. Take a quick look around:

Some photos of the track:

The attraction's entrance:

The exterior queue:

Walking in the outdoor portion of the queue:

Entering the indoor portion of the queue:

The loading area:

The maintenance bays:

Let's now go back to the present time. The following photos were taken on September 7, 2015, the final day of operation of The Incredible Hulk Coaster before it closed for the major refurbishment:

Time to say goodbye:

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  1. This seemed kind of like a Eulogy to a friend.
    Do you know something?

  2. It was fun seeing the Pictures of the Queue and especially those TV's!!!
    What a great Station and Queue it *WAS*
    Definitely dated and aged, but was truly cool and created buzz before blasting off. I hope that them same cheezy-ness that both this and Spidey have, remains. It is after all the Marvel *Comic* world and not a themed land based on the "real" Marvel characters.
    And I hope everything that they do to the track (rumored) is perhaps improve the launch (from a technical side, maybe make it LIM and not the spare tire sling shot) and smooth out some of the rough patches. Maybe some updated trains and sound system to.
    But whatever they do, HULK needs to remain the #1 coaster in the world and not tamed.


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