Rivers of Light Update: New Amphitheater Details

The new Rivers of Light amphitheater continues to take shape at a fast pace.
As you will see in the following photos, plenty of work has been done since our last visit to the park, as new details can now be seen on the benches that make up the majority of this open-air theater and more pipes continues to be installed around the seating area. In addition to that, the rockwork on the new island seems to be almost done, and the show's tech booths are being enclosed.

Let's start to take a look around the Discovery River:

A new, themed wall has been built near the entrance of the Anandapur village:

A closer look at the amphitheater, from left to right:

There is still a lot of work that needs to be done on the left side of the amphitheater:

One of the tech booths (at least, we assume that this will be one of them):

A small boat was spotted near the show's viewing area:

More rockwork:

The right side of the seating area looks great:

Take a close look at the pattern on these benches:

The island we mentioned at the beginning of this post:

A closer look:

Another tech booth (?):

More work related to this show continues to be done near the Flame Tree BBQ seating area:

A look at the area from the bridge connecting DinoLand U.S.A. to Discovery Island:

We'll end with a panoramic photo of the entire area occupied by the new amphitheater (full-size):

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  1. Those benches look really uncomfortable.

  2. Benches: Looks like t they're going to be smooth topped. In between each row, the height looks too tall - but looking at some of the raw concrete pictures, I think the aisles between the rows hasn't been poured yet. So they poured the concrete, put the stone look on, will then pour the aisles. This will solve the weird looking height.

    As for comfort, smooth rock/concrete is just as good (or bad_ as the cheap aluminum stands used in Fantasmic and 1 million other outdoor venues around the world.

    There really is no reason to make the seating anything else.

  3. Anything not finished looks uncomfortable.

  4. I like the idea of any bench - in California we have to stand for World of Color.

  5. Does anyone know how many guests the seating for the show will hold? Will there be standing room at the top? Not sure how they would do that since they need to keep the walkways clear. This is definitely not Fantasmic type seating. If they keep the concrete tops to the benches, most likely they will sell Rivers of Light seat cushions or Glow with the Show Tushy Cushies. You heard it here first folks.


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