CityWalk Orlando Update: Colorful New Banners Debut

In the past few months, the majority of our CityWalk construction updates focused almost exclusively on the new NBC Sports Bar & Grill. While we will definitely stop by that area, this time we will check out the majority of the new banners that were recently installed around CityWalk. As you'll see, these new additions advertise some of the most popular restaurants and shops found in this entertainment district, as well as some attractions found inside the parks:

First of all, a new Blue Man Group billboard was recently installed near CityWalk's entrance:

Some of the new banners mentioned at the beginning of this post:

The CityWalk stage is still missing:

The NBC Sports Bar & Grill:

It looks like it's almost ready:

The patio:

A side view of the building:

The view from across the lagoon:

More new banners:

Another new billboard for the Blue Man Group:

Thank you for visiting the area with us!

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  1. them some dark clouds

  2. I'm sure they won't put the stage back until after those dark clouds and the storm pass. Although, the photos are still beautiful. I like the last one. It's interesting how they left the old NASCAR roofline behind the new jumbo screen frame. I guess that's all they really need to do?

  3. Yeah, stage probably isn't hurricane-proof.

  4. Geez, when are they ever going to do something meaningful with Spongebob? That's a dark ride goldmine that should be perfect for families with small children.

  5. Agreed with Trent. I think he was the only reason Jimmy Neutron lasted as long as he did. The store isn't enough, IMO.