Animal Kingdom Update: Rivers of Light Construction

The brand new Rivers of Light amphitheater continues to take shape at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park. The more progress is made, the more Guests can understand the true size of this new area, which encompasses a very large section of the Discovery River and a sizable amount of land located in front of Expedition Everest. As you will see in the next photos, plenty of concrete has been poured in the feature seating area for the new nighttime show.

Let's begin with a panoramic view of the area:

Let's get closer to the construction zone:

Notice the concrete steps:

This could be the control booth for the show:

The DinoLand U.S.A. viewing area:

A closer look at the rockwork:

Work related to the nighttime show is also taking place near the Flame Tree Barbecue restaurant:

Let's take a look around Asia:

Have a pine cone:

The new bypass built near Kali River Rapids will be especially needed when the new show debuts:

The new food & beverage location slowly takes shape in the former FASTPASS distribution area of Expedition Everest (click on this link to find the original post mentioning this specific project):

The pathway leading to the Discovery Island bridge is temporarily unavailable due to construction:

This is the end of our tour for today:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. Hello! Does anybody know if this "Rivers of color" show will include fireworks? And won't it stress the Kilimanjaro animals? I believe it's all settled up, but I'm concerned about the wildlife.

  2. No, the show will not include fireworks.


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