New ECVs Being Introduced at Walt Disney World Resort

A new model of Electronic Conveyance Vehicle (ECV) is in circulation around the Walt Disney World Resort (some of the first ones were spotted at Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom in the past few weeks).
While the overall look of the new ECVs will appear to be familiar to previous users, they include some interesting changes that simplify the controls and will even allow Guests to charge their mobile devices using a new USB port.

Here's the complete list of the new and improved features available on the new ECVs:
  • New brake location. The brake lever is now located in the back of the ECV, above the right wheel;
  • Handles and controls. The lever on the right moves the ECV forward, while the lever on the left moves the ECV in reverse. Gone is the small button that Guests had to push in the past;
  • LED battery gauge. When flashing, the driver should restart their ECV;
  • USB charging port. Note that this port will only charge devices while the ECV is on. 
Guests that have a hard time walking around the parks will surely find these changes to be very positive.


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