The very ambitious project that includes a vertical mall and Orlando's first 7-star hotel has slightly changed. As some of our Readers will remember, the brand-new iSquare Mall and Hotel was announced back in 2014, and it is expected to include a massive 7-star hotel with a panoramic tower, a rotating restaurant, an indoor mall, and much more. Just recently, though, many news outlets reported that some changes had to be made for the project to be approved by the county.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, The iSquare Mall & Hotel will now have two hotels totaling 600 rooms, while the original plan called for 749 rooms. Additionally, the original plans included two separate hotels sharing the same building. In the updated plans, the ultra-luxury, 100-room Capella Orlando Hotel will stand apart from a 500-room Solis Orlando Hotel, as two towers will be built.

Other changes at include the reduction of the spaces available in the new parking garage (which will be about 1,700), the reduction of the space that will be used for the on-site spa (according to the Sentinel, the spa has been cut in half to about 20,000 square feet), and the removal of a performance theater.

By reducing the size of the development, the developers hope to alleviate concerns about the amount of traffic the site could bring, making the project more appealing to nearby residents and businesses.

Here you are just some of the newest (and updated) artistic renderings of this incredible project:

Want to know more about the iSquare Mall & Hotel? Then, be sure to visit iSquare USA's official site and stay tuned here on Orlando Theme Park News for additional updates and information on this project.

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