The ragtag band led by the infamous Captain EO is coming back to save the world once again. Indeed, the 1986 motion picture space adventure starring Michael Jackson will temporarily return to the Magic Eye Theater (located in the Imagination! pavilion) starting Saturday, July 17, even though the FastPass+ service for the attraction will be available starting Sunday, July 18, 2015.
Most of the Captain EO signs and posters have returned in their original form.

The sign on the small structure directing Guests to the Magic Eye Theater has been cleaned up:

The Captain EO logo and the Stand-by and FastPass+ signs have also returned in their original version. Also, even though the interior of the attraction is not visible in these photos, we were able to spot the old posters, signs, and logos even inside the lobby. It should have been quick and easy to reinstall them:

Of course, you can expect to see Captain EO leaving again (this time for good) in just a few months. Some of the other signs around the Imagination! pavilion no longer mention Captain EO, replacing it with Magic Eye Theater logos. More previews are expected to be shown in this theater very soon:

We will continue to keep you up-to-date in regards to any change that should take place in the future.

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