Temporary "Inside Out" Preview Officially Opens at Epcot

After having given Guests the ability to virtually travel to Tomorrowland for the past few weeks, Epcot's Magic Eye Theater now offers park visitors a glimpse of what goes on inside the minds of a typical American family through a 10-minute sneak preview of "Inside Out", one of Pixar's upcoming animated movies.
While this is another temporary overlay for the venue, we were surprised to see that many Guests were thoroughly enjoying the short but fun-filled movie clip.

The Imagination! pavilion:

All the signs and posters have been updated:

The entrance of the Magic Eye Theater:

The lobby area now features artworks and music taken from the movie's soundtrack:

The preshow features the movie's five main characters (Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear) taking turns in showing the personality they represent as well as abstract images representing the brain:

The show itself is very entertaining despite the fact that it uses less special effects than the Tomorrowland sneak preview. The last four minutes of the presentation are certainly the most entertaining part (the audience can be heard laughing multiple times in that short span of time), but the first five to six minutes are actually exclusively shown at Epcot (until the movie premieres):

The movie comes out June 19, 2015:

Captain EO fans shouldn't worry too much (yet), as the 3-D movie starring Michael Jackson is expected to briefly return in July. Afterwards, rumors point to having the Magic Eye Theater act as a venue showing other movie sneak peeks until a new, permanent attraction finally takes over in the future.

PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. Can't they bring back HISTA to they know the long term plans for this and Figment.

  2. Captain EO must be bring on July 19th after the Preview is done!