Another attraction will soon close for good at Disney's Hollywood Studios.
Just a few minutes ago, multiple news sources were able to officially confirm that The Magic of Disney Animation attraction (which includes the short show starring Mushu, the popular Animation Academy, walk-though exhibits, meet-and-greets, and interactive games) will permanently close on July 12, 2015.
Disney also officially announced that "work is underway on a new experience."

While details about this closure are still scarce, some websites have reported that most of the meet-and-greets currently housed inside that building will soon be relocated to other areas within the park.

In addition to that, more recent rumors point to the possibility of seeing yet another nearby attraction closing around the same time. In fact, the beloved Walt Disney: One Man's Dream exhibit could soon be removed as well. This makes sense, as the building housing the exhibit is attached to the soundstage that was formerly occupied by The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow (which is also closed).

We will continue to keep you up-to-date in regards to these closures. Stay tuned here on OTPN.

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Anonymous said...

It's a shame to see this go, hopefully they rebuild it with some similar, expanded experience. It always seemed popular.

Why not just close the park for a year or two, build like crazy, and reopen it with the new name? At this point there's not much to do at this park for a day, let alone half a day.

Do you know if the animation academy will be transferring to a new location or just closing for good? The previous commenter mentions there is "not much to do" are you able to expand on other attractions and rides which will be closed late August/early September. Many thanks

Anonymous said...

From the point they stopped making actual animation movies in that building it became redundant. I'm glad they close it. Hopefully it opens soons as a Frozen themed Starbucks, that seems to work for the Disney crowd.

@Alison: That's a good question. Some websites hinted to the possibility of having a new Animation Academy with double the capacity, but we think that they might have abandoned that project at this point. We don't know anything for sure, though.

Anonymous said...

I just hope they close down all these foolish theme parks and build a 1:1 replica of Arendelle completely populated with only Annas and Elsas and charge everyone 300 dollars to just walk around it

Anonymous said...

My very Favorite park has just turned into a 1/4 of a day park. Pretty soon you wont need a Park hopper because there will be nothing to hop to,except green walls and tarps and closed attractions that are not being replaced.. Guess the ticket prices will go up again. SO VERY SAD..

Anonymous said...

Patience everyone. When changes happen, there is always going to be a time of construction, closures and tarps etc. When it's all done, it's going to be great. Things don't happen overnight. Deep breathes.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the comments! This used to be my favorite park! I enjoyed seeing behind the scenes how production was done and possible seeing something being filmed. whatever they replace the closed attractions with it will never had the magic it once had. Thinking MK is my new favorite!

Anonymous said...

The biggest issue with them closing so much in this park is the speed it takes them to build things! This isn't Universal were they can throw up an E-Ticket ride in 14-16 months. Just look at Frozen as a perfect example. Its going to take them over a year to just re-theme a ride!

So, they keep closing things and don't even begin building anything in its place. At this rate, construction won't start until mid 2016 and nothing will open for a good 3-5 years. If all the rumors are true and we are getting Cars land (expanding the Pixar area towards the current Animation area closing One Mans Dream and possible Little Mermaid) and a full Star Wars land (taking out Streets of America, Muppets, Lights Motors Action, and the whole "backlot" section bumping up to the current Pixar area), these projects will take years and even more stuff will close.

With the rate things are closing at this park, its going to quickly lose guests. Nobody is going to want to pay $100 for a ticket to ride Tower, Rockin and Toy Story all day. It needs help fast and Disney doesn't seem to care. Sure they might announce something soon, but I fear it will be another Avatar and take 8-9 years from announcement to finally open.

Muppets 4D is staying and it's gonna get a new movie

Anonymous said...

Toy Story parade gone, Studio Backlot Tour gone, Mickey Hat gone, this attraction gone, what else? This was my favorite day

Sarah said...

Aww, I'm very sad to see the Animation Academy going. My husband and I did this for the first time on our recent trip, and we both had a lot of fun. We still have the pictures we drew. Hope they bring it back at some point.

Anonymous said...

Disney needs to close the park for a couple years like the first commenter said. Right now, almost all construction happens during non-park hours. Hence the reason construction is so slow. If the park were closed all day every day for a couple years, rides would be able to be built rapidly. The great ideas of Pixar and Star Wars themed areas could come to life. The only sacrifice is all the money Disney would be losing for no income from the park for a couple years. But honestly, there are tons of unhappy people with how this park is at the moment. I agree with most of these closures, but if you close this much, you have to be opening just as much soon after. Disney World is big enough to afford this park closing for awhile. There is plenty to do without it. (Mostly because it offers almost nothing while open!)

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