SeaWorld Update: Former Games Area Demolished

This morning we are going to go back to one of Orlando's most unique theme parks, SeaWorld, to see what work has been done since our last visit.
In fact, while we are waiting for the brand-new, massive roller coaster (which is currently scheduled to debut in 2016), the park continues to make some minor changes around some of its themed areas. As you will see, the most important project currently taking shape is a new food-and-beverage outlet. Take a look:

The Dolphin Nursery reopened just a few weeks ago after being down for refurbishment:

Dolphins swimming around:

This relax area seems to have been refurbished as well:

The former midway games area:

Above the walls:

According to a recent article found on, the new food-and-beverage location being built in this space will be called "Pretzel World" and will feature... you guessed it, pretzels:

The completely refurbished photo-op next to the Shamu Stadium:

One of the attractions located inside Shamu's Happy Harbor was down for refurbishment:

Thank you for following us, and see you again real soon!


  1. If the Pretzel World is being built at the old Games area, My guess is that the station for the new coaster will be wear the old Clydesdale barn in the back of the park. Not much back there now.

  2. The entrance and station to the new coaster will be located between Sharks and the Nautilus Theater.


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