Port Orleans Resort: New menu at Boatwright's Dining Hall

With the warmer weather quickly approaching, the popular Boatwright’s Dining Hall at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort has updated its menu offerings to Guests.
While the Gulf Delta Chilled Shellfish has been removed from the old menu (highlights are found HERE), the Ol’ Man Island Oysters have been added, now combined with the new Colonel’s Peace Pieces, featuring a blend of lightly fried oysters, crawfish, shrimp, okra, and drizzled with the house-made remoulade.

Joining the appetizer selection (which already includes side salads and more) will be the new Pirogue Platter, including the Chef’s selection of meats and artisanal cheeses.

The Ponchartrain Pasta will now include orecchiette pasta, Andouille sausage and fresh shrimp, complimented with fresh corn, and tossed in a light cream sauce. The chicken platter will now be accompanied by fluffy waffles and garnished with maple bacon gravy.

Along with these changes, Guests will now be able to add Shrimp Creole, Crab Imperial or Crawfish Mac n’ Cheese to enhance their entrée experience. 

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