After almost a decade, part of the Orlando Theme Park News Team will finally be able to return to Europe to visit just some of the gorgeous theme parks (and beautiful countryside areas) that were the original sources of inspiration that lead the creation of this very site. In fact, if it weren't for places like Europa-Park, Parc Asterix, Disneyland Paris, or Gardaland, this site might not exist today.
While we'll finally enjoy some time off, there are a few things you should know.

First of all, you should be aware of the fact that we might not be able to respond to most emails sent in the next few days. While plenty of members of Orlando Theme Park News will still be in Florida, the Administrator will not be able to respond within 24 hours from the time the message(s) is/are sent.

That said, plenty of news and updates will continue to be posted regularly. Some will be posted remotely (including photos of some of the place we will visit), while others will be posted by members that will remain in Florida (like our dear friend Alexander, who continues to support us).

When we come back, we will have plenty of photos of the following parks to share with our Readers:
  • Disneyland Park Paris;
  • Walt Disney Studios Paris;
  • Parc Asterix;
  • Europa-Park.
In addition to photos, we plan on posting in-depth articles comparing the various parks we will visit to the attractions and theme parks present here in the Central Florida area. That should be interesting.

NOTE TO ORLANDO ATTRACTIONS: We will not be able to attend any media events until mid-May.

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