New Zagora Market to Open at Busch Gardens Tampa

Construction is underway in the Zagora Café area with Zagora Market, an all-new snack location offering refreshing beverages, snacks, and desserts.
The all-new market will replace the previous snack location and Sultan’s Tent, a photo spot. The menu will include popcorn, ice cream bars, churros, pretzels, chips, cookies and candy. Plus, Zagora Market will feature Coca-Cola Freestyle machines and other Coke products, including ICEE’s.

Here is an official rendering showing the new food location, shared by Busch Gardens on Facebook:

Zagora Market is expected to open late summer. Stay tuned for more updates as construction continues.

ARTWORK: © 2015 SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.


  1. What has happened to your updates OTPN??? I am missing all the new things going on. Please update soon!

  2. Yeah! I haven't seen any info about Kong or Nintendo! Those are HUGEEEE things happening right now!

  3. Most of the team is away in Europe so no
    Photo updates to they get back.


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