Magic Kingdom/Disneyland Times Guide for 24-Hour Event

As you already know, the Magic Kingdom Park (and both parks at Disneyland Resort California) will remain open for 24 continuous hours from 6 a.m. on May 22, 2015 until 6 a.m. on May 23, 2015. While all three parks will offer non-stop entertainment, some attractions and dining locations may take a break at a certain time during the event. One of our sources was able to provide us scans of the Times Guides for the three locations. We hope you'll find them helpful:

Magic Kingdom Times Guide:

Disneyland Park California Times Guide:

Disney California Adventure Park Times Guide:

Remember that you can check out the weekly Times Guide for the Walt Disney World Resort by clicking on this link. Be sure to bookmark the page to find the updated entertainment schedule and more.

TIMES GUIDES: ©2015 Disney Parks & Resorts. All Rights Reserved.


  1. They didn't list Soundsational on Disneyland's time guide.

  2. Soundsational has been permanently removed at this time for Paint The Night! The new nighttime parade.

  3. I had no idea, Gordon! Why can't they have both parades on the same day like the Magic Kingdom? Is it for the fact that they also have Fantasmic! and therefore the entertainment schedule would be too full?

  4. I guess they know crowds need the street more than they need 2 different parades. Although they could have moved Soundsational over to DCA since they dont have one running right now.

  5. They have the Pixar Play Parade, right?

  6. Oh yeah I forgot about that one. They really should have just come up with a brand new daytime parade for DCA both Soundsational and Pixar Play are quite old.

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  8. Soundsational returns Saturday.

    OTPN, How did you get Disneyland's Times guides? Are you able to get them for the rest of the weekend?

    1. I thought it would be back they probably just know the place will be too crowded to run Soundsational. I did see a picture of the Pixar Parade today it has been given small 60th touches I hope they did something like that to Soundsational as well.

  9. @jrh1985: Yes, we might be able to obtain those. We don't usually post them on our site because we usually focus on the Orlando Parks only. If you need the Times Guides for the weekend, though, we can share them with you.

  10. So, would you like to see the Times Guides for this weekend? I can upload them and share the link here.

  11. Sorry for the delay. Here they are:

    DISNEYLAND TG (1): http://i.imgur.com/wyhRrvW.png
    DISNEYLAND TG (2): http://i.imgur.com/C1gaAP3.png
    DISNEY CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE TG (1): http://i.imgur.com/09UVqYd.png
    DISNEY CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE TG (2): http://i.imgur.com/9WNwRj3.png

  12. There was no delay OTPN! Thanks so much! This Site ROCKS!


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