Hollywood Studios: The Great Movie Ride Gets Updated

Last fall, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) announced new strategic relationships with the Walt Disney World Resort and The Walt Disney Studios to broaden its reach in family entertainment with joint efforts centered on classic film.
Guests visiting Disney's Hollywood Studios will now notice some minor (but still important) changes when visiting The Great Movie Ride, as the park's iconic attraction received some upgrades in the queue, pre-show, and the grand finale.

First of all, Turner Classic Movies branding has been integrated into the attraction's signage package:

In the queue, families will enjoy new, digital movie posters that continuously change before their eyes:

Guests can also watch a new pre-ride video with TCM host Robert Osborne providing illuminating insights from the movies, some of which Guests are about to experience during the ride itself:

The marquee seen at the beginning of the attraction was also updated to include TCM branding:

The finale features an all-new montage of classic movie moments:

After Guests exit the attraction, they can also find a new photo opportunity with a classic movie theme.

Overall, the changes seem to be very positive, giving the ride a needed upgrade that makes it look fresh again. That said, it would be very nice to see updates coming to the actual show scenes in the future.

PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. I wish they'd include some newer scenes of more recent movies.

  2. I'm not a fan of the pre-show video. I thought it was perfect.

  3. Welcome to the Walt Frozen World resort.

  4. There are some newer movies in the post-show, like Guardians.

  5. I think Disney know adding new scenes to older rides won't make more guests visit it more. The scenes with the actors in could be updated. Just look at the Carousel of process,Universal of energy,Muppets 4D,Indy Jones stunt show there been the same since my first visit in the mid 90's . There's only 1 show that has been updated after the 4 visits and that's the hall of presidents.

  6. Century III 's comments are disturbingly true. "Let's not have all our eggs in one Frozen basket" appears to be the message and it's a chilling warning ( pardon the pun). I think the franchise is nice and it's a topical money spinner but overdoing it can cause resentment and eventual lack of interest.
    Also , for me, the essence of the Great Movie Ride is one of nostalgia rather than merely promoting the most recent releases. The other, more compelling argument, is in it's title. The movies being celebrated should be, by definition, "Great". You earn that by being considered such by generations of film lovers over a period of time. Frozen, if it stands the test of time, will get it's chance in a few years from now but maybe not just yet.

  7. Make an adults only thing for October nights with haunted houses the kids get magic kingdom we should get something like haunted Hollywood

  8. Seriously? The only Frozen thing that has to do with this is a quick little clip in a slide show of great movies....And it is a really popular movie and deserves to be there It obviously doesn't deserve a whole scene, but I mean come on, now you are just trying to hate Disney.

  9. Trying to hate Disney ??
    I don't think anyone on this Site hates Disney. It's just different opinions that's all.
    It's what makes it interesting.

  10. We rode it Saturday and while Osborne's commentary added to the ride some, I found that his narration wasn't always able to be heard over the music and SFX around us, especially his closing remarks as you transition back to unload under the screens. There's just something off in the timing of some things yet.

    One thing I will say is that it evens out the experience some. The guides now have less lines that are more color commentary like in nature than anything while still being pretty much the same lines they had before. It dulls it a bit if you have a great performer as your guide, and levels off the lows if you've got someone who's not that great.

    It's an incremental improvement. Nothing phenomenal, but it does add a bit to the ride.