Safety Reminder About Selfie Stick Usage at Disney Parks

As more and more Guests use selfie sticks to take photos in the area's theme parks, Disney Parks shared some reminders about their proper use and storage.
Existing procedures require Guests’ personal belongings to be properly stowed while onboard attractions, trams, and other moving vehicles – and this includes selfie sticks. As always, Guests are required to keep hands, arms, feet, and legs inside ride vehicles while riding to have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Guests should also refrain from using selfie sticks in a congested area.

A selfie stick is an elongated rod with an attachment for a camera or mobile phone. The sticks are typically extendible up to a few feet with a clamp on one end to hold the photo device in place.

Frequently asked questions:

Are selfie sticks allowed in other areas of the parks?
Yes. Guests are currently able to use selfie sticks at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts, but they must be safely stowed while on an attraction, tram or other moving vehicle.

Why are selfie sticks not allowed on attractions, trams and other moving vehicles?
Personal belongings that are not properly stowed, including selfie sticks, pose a potential hazard

Is this a new policy?
No. Guests riding attractions, trams and other moving vehicles are already asked to securely stow any equipment such as cameras, canes and other personal belongings – and selfie sticks are in the same category. 

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  1. I wish I could break every damn selfie stick I see when I'm at the parks.


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