New "Secret Florida" Online Magazine Officially Debuts

Florida holiday specialist Florida4Less has launched Secret Florida, a brand new online magazine that delves into everything about the Sunshine State, from big attractions to hidden gems. Secret Florida is an exciting new hub for both the most popular parts of the Florida experience as well as its lesser-known aspects. The site will offer articles on getting around theme parks, which craft beers to try, when to catch a ball game, and much more.

Categories on the magazine include food and drink, attractions, sport, theme parks and shopping. 

Jon Moulding from Florida4Less said: “There are plenty of websites that talk about the more popular sides of Florida, like [Walt] Disney World [Resort] and Universal Studios, but we want to show that there’s so much more to this amazing state. If you want to know where to get the best burger or where you can go cycling then it’s a little bit more difficult to get hold of that information in one place, which is where Secret Florida comes in.”

“A holiday [i.e. vacation] in Florida is a special experience, so we want to help people make the most of it, no matter what their interests.”

To celebrate the launch, Florida4Less will be hosting a competition on social media, asking followers to submit their favourite Florida holiday snaps. Further details can be found by clicking on this link.


  1. Meh. And a sloppy website to boot. I didn't realize WDW had 5 separate theme parks. If they do, then that really is some "Secret Florida".

    I don't see anything new that's being brought to the table. It seems like this was just slapped together by an over-zealous Brit who's a fan of Orlando's attractions.

  2. Including an "sponsored post" label would probably be a good idea to separate this sites actual posts from advertisements.

  3. @Last Anonymous: we are sorry that this appeared as a sponsored post to you, but we can assure you that we have absolutely no affiliation with the company mentioned above. Additionally, we received no compensation to post this press release. We thought some of our Readers from the United Kingdom might have enjoyed checking out this new online magazine.


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