A Look Inside the New Polynesian Resort Deluxe Studios

Just a few days ago, we brought you some exclusive photos of the new Bora Bora Bungalows, located along the shores of the Seven Seas Lagoon within the beautiful Disney's Polynesian Village Resort. This afternoon, we will share with you photos showing the new deluxe studios that will soon be available to Disney Vacation Club Members and regular hotel Guests. In addition to that, we will also include some photos of the hotel's lobby. Take a look...

First of all, let's explore the lobby:

The Tiki has finally been installed on top of the fountain:

A large map of the renovated hotel can also be found in the lobby:

New directional signs (note that Trader Sam's Grog Grotto was still missing a few days ago):

Heading to the Deluxe Studios:

The common entrance areas include themed chairs, tables, posters, and more:

It's time to take a peek inside the rooms:

One of the restrooms:

A small wet area can be found nearby, which includes a small sink, a kitchenette, and more:

The second (bigger) bathroom:

The bedroom:

Polynesian artwork:

The third bed can be found just below the TV:

Lilo and Stitch:

The typical seating areas:

These themed lamps are great:

The view from the outdoor patio:

What do you think about these new additions? Feel free to share your comments with us.


  1. Great pics. Glad to see under the bed storage, and it looks high enough to store a suitcase.

    Side note, just being picky, what you call a mini bar = kitchenette in DVC terms ;) Not a big deal, but there's no charge to use it.

  2. That last picture just says it all.
    They built the bungalows on the water for the few that can afford them and blocked the beautiful view for everyone else staying at the resort. Great pictures anyway.

  3. Second floor or higher when requesting a room looking toward the MK. Otherwise, your just staring at the bungalow houses.

  4. @First Anonymous: Thank you for the correction. We have always mistakenly called those mini-bars!

  5. I wouldn't stay above a Mod resort as it's just a room to me for putting my head down and freshing up after been out during the day. The only different I found between the Mod and value resorts is that the bus stops is nearer to your rooms where pop century is by the main building only.

  6. @ Andy, Mods also have ceiling fans, and I may be crazy but I swear they have better tp and towels ;)

    Some of my DVC friends have spoiled me to the luxury of deluxe, and when I can get the right amount of discount, I will splurge on a longer trip, on a short trip, I don't see the point in paying all the extra, cause like you said, its a place to lay your head, but for a week, there will be some serious room/resort time.


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