CityWalk Update: NASCAR Grille Work Still Taking Place

Our latest CityWalk Orlando visits have been somewhat underwhelming. The Universal Orlando Resort has been spoiling us in the last few years thanks to all the construction that took place at once. Things have slowed down considerably in this area (the new King Kong themed area is the exception, as well as all that is going on in the backstage areas...), but we are sure there will be many surprises in the next few months. Let's see what has changed:

The Hollywood Drive-In Golf:

Let's take a general look around the second floor of CityWalk:

The Cowfish restaurant continues to operate for lunch and dinner:

Young performers rehearsing on the stage near the lagoon:

The MetLife blimp has almost become a staple for Guests visiting the Universal Orlando Resort:

Moving on:

Work continues to be done in the former NASCAR Sports Grille:

No announcement revealing the replacement for this venue has been made yet:

The Hard Rock Cafe:

It's now time to leave. We will be back soon...

New photo-updates covering Universal Orlando's theme parks will be posted soon.

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.

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  1. I asked a Nascar Grille construction worker what they were doing with NASCAR Sports Grille, he said their just remodeling it. Im not sure if he's telling the truth but Screamscape said "Separate paperwork files previously by Universal has mentioned the company being involved with a "Project 862 Restoration", which many also believe to be the former NASCAR eatery."


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