The Walt Disney Company Earnings Webcast - LIVE

The Walt Disney Company just released the earning results for Quarter 1 of fiscal year 2015. A PDF copy of the release is available at this link.
In addition to that, the company will hold a live conference call in which select representatives of The Walt Disney Company will discuss the results. While all the information that will be presented will surely be interesting, the questions-and-answers session usually includes some comments regarding the parks.

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  1. Around 40 minutes in there's a no-surprise confirmation that there is a large amount of Star Wars upgrades coming to multiple parks.

  2. Multiple parks? SW fits nicely with HS, but not MK, EPCOT and AK. Sounds like they're planning in giving SW the Frozen treatment. Ridiculous.

  3. This is Disney in general, not WDW in particular. Multiple parks could mean HS, California Adventure, Hong Kong Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, and Euro Disneyland.


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